How lawyers can use social media in investigations

Technology and the use of social media have provided a great platform to connect with friends and family. A good number of people don’t seem to realize that social media platforms do not guarantee privacy on confidential information. Any private investigator Sydney finds such platforms useful in carrying out their investigations. They can use social media accounts to dig information about individuals of interest. Attorneys and other law enforcing agencies utilize social media in various ways to get the desired information.

Individual social media profile is not private

People share pictures and other media on platforms such as Facebook. Besides, it is easy to tag friends and family members that the account holder wishes to access the media in their accounts. Irrespective of the privacy settings you put in place, the general public will access your profile. Attorneys use this opportunity to find information about the people they are looking for. They possess the ability of accessing the particular information that they are looking for once they access one’s personal profile.

Individuals who are hiding

With the onset of technology, it has become increasingly difficult to hide. Unlike in the past when a person could successfully hide from authority, things have changed. Some people try to hide their location but continue to use social media platforms. Lawyers are smart in accessing information about people trying to hide. They have the skills to search in various websites to track the location of the people that they want to serve papers.

Some people hide their true identity

It is common to come across social media accounts where people use pseudo names and titles. Attorneys may find hard time to in accessing information of such people. In such cases, a lawyer will find out the family members and friends that an individual has frequently been communicating with. The lawyer can find the location of such people and seek more information about the individual under investigation.

People who are changing locations

People feel uneasy once they find out someone is looking for them. It becomes worse if the party looking for them is authoritative. They will try to dodge them by changing their location. Social media platforms will always provide the location of the account holder. If the person hiding but is still using social media, it becomes easier to track them. Lawyers will use the location displayed by the social media platforms to reach the person that they want to serve papers. Even if the person frequently shifts locations, the authority can be informed of their immediate location to get hold of them.

Reaching out to people

Criminal attorneys rely on evidence to build a case. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to personally meet with witnesses. A lawyer can use social media platforms to reach out to witnesses and collect the desired information. They can interview them and use the feedback to build a case.

Technology has simplified investigations. Social media platforms have created wide avenues for lawyers and other law enforcers to follow up on matters that they are investigating