Airport Parking – How to Save

Cleveland Hopkins-Airport, which is a medium hub airport, saw an increase in passenger traffic to 9.14 million passengers in 2017, an increase of 8.5%. The parking rates for the airport have been recently revised and the new Cleveland airport parking rates are as follows:

* CLE Smart-Parking Garage $20 per day, $5/hour for the first three hours. This multi level parking is attached to the airport building. Payment can be made by cash, personal checks and credit cards

* Red Lot $18 per day. This economy lot is located on airport property north of the terminal. Payment by credit card only.

* Blue Lot $16 per day. This is also an economy surface lot. Payment by credit card only.

* Orange Lot $15 per day. Surface lot. Payment by credit card only.

* Brown Lot $11 per day. 500 parking spaces, shuttle service to and from the airport. Payment by credit card only.

* Curbside Valet $25 per day, $9 for half hour, $12 for one hour and $15 for 1 hour to 3 hours.

When you are a frequent traveller, you could be paying a fortune by way of parking fees, so you would always be looking for ways and means to save on parking. Here are a few tried and tested ways to save:

* Get Dropped Off At The Airport By A Family Member Or Friend.

Family member or friend can drop you off curb side at the entrance door and arrange to pick you up on your return. This not only saves on parking fees, but also the hassle of looking for parking in the airport parking lots and then lugging your luggage and kids all the way tothe terminal building.

* Check Out The Pricing Of Taxi And Public Transportation Options.

* Some cities offer public transportation from the city right up to the airport. This would be the cheapest paying option. Many cities have train and bus services that operate from various parts of the city right up to the airport. This is the most economical way to travel without having to pay for parking at all.

* Parking Coupons.

Most airports have a coupon system for frequent travellers and all this is easily searchable at Google. A simple parking discount coupon search would give you several options Besides Google, you can look on the airport’s website for special offers on parking discounts.

* Choose Hotels With Extended Parking.

If you are staying at a hotel near the airport, you can make use of the hotel shuttle to the airport. Some hotels allow you to park your car in their facility for free as long as you have a return booking at the same hotel or any of its chains.

* Use A Parking App To Find Cheap Parking.

There are several discount parking apps you could use to find the best one that suits you. A few of them are Parking Panda, Park Whiz, Best Parking,, cheap airport parking and ParkSleepFly.

* Travelcar.

When you park your car with Travelcar, during your entire trip, you not only get a free trip to the airport for free, but you actually get paid while they rent your car in your absence. They offer several packages such as on mileage or on a monthly package.

* Monthly Or Yearly Passes.

If you are a frequent traveller it would make perfect sense to get a monthly or yearly pass. These passes are much cheaper than daily parking fees.

* Festive Free Parking.

Sometimes a few airports offer free parking for a the first 100 or 500 customers during the festive season.

* Pay With Airmiles Or Points For Use Of The Credit Card.

At Cleveland Airport some of the parking areas accept only credit cards. In such cases use only those cards that rewards you with Airmiles or Frequent flyer miles.


Airport parking charges can be avoided totally or minimised if some careful planning is done prior to travel.